Synopsis: Grace Carter’s mother — the celebrity news anchor GG Carter — is everything Grace is not. GG is a star, with a flawless wardrobe and a following of thousands, while Grace — an aspiring astrophysicist — is into stars of another kind. She and her mother have always been in different orbits. Then one day GG is just … gone. Cameras descend on their house, news shows speculate about what might have happened and Grace’s family struggles to find a new rhythm as they wait for answers. While the authorities unravel the mystery behind GG’s disappearance, Grace grows closer to her high school’s golden boy, Mylo, who has faced a black hole of his own. She also uncovers some secrets from her mother’s long-lost past. The more Grace learns, the more she wonders. Did she ever really know her mother? Was GG abducted … or did she leave? And if she left, why?

3.5 out of 5 stars

Review: Honestly I’m conflicted I really enjoyed parts of this book, but I did find it was a little slow going in both Part One and Part Two. I got impatient wanting to know the answers. I did love Grace’s Personality she always had quick remarks and knew who she was. Ria did have me confused about Grace’s grandma, I felt we needed a better explanation for why their relationship was the way it was. Overall i really enjoyed learning about everyone, and how they seemed to grow closer as the time went on. I love how the space and universe aspect was added throughout the book.


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