Title: Love, Heather

Author: Laurie Petrou

Genre: Young Adult

Page Count: 288

Format: eBook

Reading Speed: Normal

Rating: 🟊 🟊 🟊 🟊 🟊

Summery: Stevie never meant for things to go this far. When she and Dee–defiant, bold, indestructible Dee–started all this, there was a purpose to their acts of vengeance: to put the bullies of Woepine High School back in their place. And three months ago, Stevie believed they deserved it. Once her best friend turned on her, the rest of the school followed. Stevie was alone and unprotected with a target on her back. Online, it was worse. It was Dee’s idea to get them all back with a few clever pranks, signing each act Love, Heather–an homage to her favourite 80’s revenge flick. Despite herself, Stevie can’t help getting caught up in the payback, revealing in every minute of suffering. And for a while, it works: it seems the meek have inherited the school. But when anonymous students begin joining in, punishing perceived slights with increasingly violent ferocity, the line between villain and vigilante begins to blur. As friends turn on each other and the administration scrambles to regain control, it becomes clear: whatever Dee and Stevie started has gained a mind–and teeth–of its own. And when it finally swallows them whole, one will reemerge changed, with a plan for one final, terrifying act of revenge

My Thoughts: Stevie has been shut out from her best friend and everyone else in school. They start to bully her when she meets Dee and they two decide to get even for the people who have wronged them. Thing start to get out of hand, who makes it out on the other side?

Wow, what a great read! I’m not even sure where to start here, it was a very well written book. I don’t even think I can write the right words to explain how powering this book is. There is so much depth in these pages, that you really feel those emotions throughout. I highly highly recommend you checking this book out.


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